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May 9 '12

I am sorry, I have to post these. There are loads more but I am resisting to spam post.

It has been almost a year since I went to the renfaire with mrbob0822/alistair, madsabroo/hawke, whitney/morrigan, dale/varric and our friends (who now have Izzy and Seb costumes). These photos just popped up and I am in love with them :D I am also super excited the gang will be back together at D*Con! I knew I was bringing my Flemeth costume with me to D*Con, but knowing I have my friends back together again makes it more exciting :3

Thanks so much to Maggie Zirille for taking the photos, especially the Dark Ritual family photo. Dear lord there were far too many children swarming me—so amazing and hilarious in video game context x.x

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    I really, honestly, try to keep my fangirling to a minimum - I’m not a teenager anymore or a weaboo and I like to think...
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    I spot people I know! Gah, gurl, your hair is just perfect all the time.
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    So cute! Where was this Renfaire? I go to the one in Sterling Forest, NY pretty much every other year.
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    That Alistair is ADORABLE. Good lord, boy. I would hug you.
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